Top NHL Betting Sites for Canadians


As the popularity of various sports and betting options are increasing rapidly, more people are keen on learning the theories behind applying tactics to gain a favorable position in the market. Money runs every system, and the same goes for sports too, though every game has an enthusiastic spirit within. Of all the sports, football, soccer, and hockey have managed to become the most prominent ones offering punters diverse gambling opportunities. The game of hockey has pervaded through communities and countries to be accepted all across the globe, and it has invariably been on top of the league. Canada has also started obsessing over NHL and its betting options, so let us look at some of the best betting sites for the citizens of this massive country.

1.      SportsInteraction

It was the first online sportsbook to be regulated and licensed in Canada and has an almost indomitable position in the market. Whenever you plan to bet on the National Hockey League, heading to SportsInteraction would be the right choice since it provides you with great odds, futures, promotions, and live betting options. Unlike many other sports betting sites, Sports Interaction has a traditional touch with a modernized face that most people adore. No betting site will have sufficient value if the odds aren’t competitive. However, you can find a wide range of gaming options and bets with excellent potential profits.


2.      Bodog

One cannot question this site’s authenticity because it has been in the business for quite a long time and has never faltered in its service. The crisp website is loaded with hockey betting lines that work in every NHL game. When it comes to Canadian sportsbooks, Bodog has been one of the leading betting sites with lush offerings. The professional approach combined with amiable treatment renders Bodog the tag of a top player. Customers are always satisfied with Bodog’s promos and odds that they keep going back to the same platform for the next set of bets. You have everything from futures to match betting at Bodog, leaving no margin for error or disappointment.

3.      Bet365

The extensive number of markets on the NHL offered by Bet365 will give you an exceptional range of opportunities to rake in big money. It has all the betting options like Sports Interaction and Bodog, and you can access them with ease, though the site is based in Europe. Canadian customers can make use of all the options and also clear queries with the excellent customer service department. Instant withdrawal and deposit make Bet365 one of the best in terms of handling funds. Massive bonuses and promotions are also offered on the platform, with the greatest reward being the live streaming of all NHL games. Although Bet365 is a terrific site when considering these aspects, the odds offered are not as big as in the other two. However, it is still the third-best option for every Canadian NHL bettor.