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The "stick-and-ball game" was played in ancient Egypt and Greece but was only developed into an international sport in the British Isles.

Betting Offer

Betting Offer

The opportunity to bet on games was introduced to give the viewers an advantage with every game.


Make use of the betting odds at every juncture of the match to win money by triggering your luck.


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Make use of the betting odds at every juncture of the match to win money by triggering your luck.

Free Betting
Free Betting

Decide on the team and the players to bet on, and make a fortune out of every watershed of the match.

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Grab all the rewards coming your way to make the most out of every game played on the massive rink.

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Live Betting

Start your betting adventures with us to make profits even when the game is still on and hiking.

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canadian hockey

This is a hockey league formed to ensure opportunities for the young players by setting up three teams.

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Best Betting Sites for Ice Hockey in Canada

The popularity behind ice hockey has spread towards the right aspect and gave birth to the market of betting. As a result, punters are all around the corner and want to get into the game in the right manner. But doing so, without being aware of the best betting sites is a mistake that should never be committed. So to clear out such problems and bring about a solution that makes sense, we have come forward with a list of the best ice hockey betting sites in Canada.

Mansion Casino

Fuelled with instant deposits, 48 hours payout, and other related features, Mansion Casino is a top betting website that many utilize to the right extent. The features that it offers are critical and ideal for bettors who want to make the most of the process. Apart from that, bonus offers also come in to save the day and form an experience worth exploring. If you have doubts and other basic problems, then customer support will be in full swing to ensure that it all goes according to the plan.

888 Casino

888 Casino

Loyalty programs, bonus offers, and the usual 48 hours payout are the main highlights that take things forward when you place bets at 888 Casino. Established in 1997, 888 Casinos knows about the market, and all that one needs to excel in the aspect of betting. As these features are meant to offer a comfortable experience, you will get used to the same and eventually fall in love with all that it has to offer. Due to that, 888 Casino is the one to look out for if you wish to place bets on Ice Hockey.

Betway Casino

Betway Casino is not new to the market as the Casino has been providing features and options that the market needs. Be it bonus options or loyalty programs, you will have all that you need, and signing up to place bets on Betway Casino sounds like the right thing to do. So go ahead and explore the aspects that need to be explored because Betway Casino is another top name on this list of the best ice hockey betting sites.

Spin Casino

Spin Casino

Spin Casino is a casino that makes the process enjoyable by offering features and opportunities that players want. Licensed by Malta Gaming Authority, Spin Casino understands the market and moves forward to make it all head in the right direction. While the bonus options and other related aspects are all quite common in the market, Spin Casino knows how to carry the aspect of adventure and does so in style. Hence, this is another casino that is worth the experience.

So what are you waiting for? That was our list, and they need to be explored right away.


Canadian Hockey Betting Tips

Canadian hockey is quite popular around the country, and people can’t get enough of watching their favourite stars in action. As the tournament is conducted in great style and grandeur, things are bound to get interesting. Thanks to that, hockey betting is also popular, and people love to place their money and view their chances of earning huge returns. But going ahead to do so without being aware of a few tips is a mistake that many tend to commit again and again. So here are hockey betting tips that you need to follow and understand.

A Proper Form of Research

When it comes to betting, the process should not be carried forward without conducting a proper form of research. Having a basic understanding of the sport is one thing and going ahead to analyze players and look into their performance is another. Due to that, you need to spend the right amount of time and conduct a form of research that tends to make sense. While the process is time-consuming, you need to carry on until you get a proper image of the entire game.

Choose Top Betting Sites

Online betting needs to be carried forward with a lot of caution because there are several websites that come into the mix to make things go the wrong way. So looking into the right websites and making a decision on the basis of reviews and results will help you place bets in the right manner. Since this is also a factor of legality, you should never ignore the process and make a decision without consulting the right sources. So choose the best betting websites and make the most of the process.

Understanding Odds

Odds tend to play a huge role in the process of betting because it evaluates the entire process and lets you in on the game. Thanks to that, you need to understand and consider the odds before going ahead to place bets. In this manner, you will be better equipped to place bets on teams that are likely to lift the trophy. But at the same time, if you are going to ignore the odds, then things will not make sense, and your bets will turn out to be wrong and unfactual.

In-Play Betting

In-Play Betting

The option of in-play betting is a valuable one that provides you with ideas and suggestions about the manner in which bets need to be placed. Since it also helps you hedge your bets, one should ensure to make use of this option and go ahead to understand the benefits that it offers. As a result, in-play betting needs to be your target, and settling for anything lower does not make sense.


Features That Make a Good NHL Betting Website

Betting websites are all around the corner, and you can find over a dozen of them with a simple Google search. But that does not mean they are good or known to be the best in the market. Betting websites require a few features to get things going, and if you are using the same for NHL, then it requires the right set of features. So to give you an idea of all that it requires, here are the top features that make an excellent NHL betting website.


Promos can be an interesting feature and a unique way to get people from investing more money into the website. But the benefits tend to come towards both sides because you and the website will gain immensely from the same. By boasting odds and increasing your chances of earning more profits, promos and other related bonus offers are aspects you need to hold on to. Due to that, finding a website that offers this particular feature is quite essential, and you need to ensure the same.

Signup Bonuses

Signup Bonuses

A signup bonus or registration bonus is one of the first things that people look out for while choosing a website to place bets. As a result, you need to continue that habit and settle down to place bets with websites that give you a bonus when you sign in to play. If the website does not provide these features, you can find another one because it has turned out to be common to keep players engaged right from the beginning. So signup bonuses are the new norm, and you need to look out for it.


Making deposits and withdrawal into a website calls out for a transaction, and it is one that needs to be secure. Due to that, betting should only be done on websites that follow the right measures for security. If the website does not follow these aspects, then you need to avoid placing your money because problems are bound to arise sooner or later. Since it is a matter of finance, you should take it seriously and try and make the most of it.

Customer Service

Customer Service

One does not need to provide an introduction to customer service and highlight how important it is. We are all aware of the advantages of a good form of customer service, and wanting the same from a website tends to make sense. So before choosing a website, you need to explore its features and try to understand their definition of customer service. By doing so, things will be off to a good start, and you can place bets on games and events that you like.

Canadian Hockey Betting

Reasons for the Popularity of Canadian Hockey Betting

The popularity of Canadian hockey betting is something worth exploring. As the country provides the activity with enough props, one needs to know more about it and why it stands to be famous. As a result, we conducted some research and found out a few reasons that tend to display the main aspects behind the popularity of Canadian hockey betting. Hence, go ahead and read more about it.

Simple and Easy

If you have ever placed bets on hockey, you will realize how easy and simple the activity is. As a process that does not consume a lot of time, hockey betting tends to take place in the right manner and completes things in style. Due to that, newcomers have also shown interest in the sport and an inclination towards exploring the options of betting. Since things are easy, people who are new to the activity will be more than excited to continue placing bets and taking things forward and proceed to head in a proper direction.

Bonus Options and Promotional Offers

Bonus Options and Promotional Offers

Canadian sportsbooks always make use of this massive popularity by offering bonuses and various other promotional offers. While they are utilizing the demand in the market, they are also indirectly creating demand for newcomers to venture in and make use of these great options. Thanks to that, sports betting gets a new uplift with hockey betting, and everyone tends to be satisfied with bonus options and other related features. To make matters all the more impressive, certain websites also offer deposit matches and even money-back guarantees.

The Nature of Unpredictability

With the kind of injuries and top performances in the sport, hockey remains unpredictable. Fast-paced and top players often get injured, and things don’t usually end their way. Due to that, underdogs are the ones to place bets, and this is a common fact in the world of hockey betting. As a result, punters know their way around the game and the many factors they need to consider. While unpredictability makes things worse, it also creates opportunities that can be utilized to a considerable extent.

Top Betting Options

Puck line, winning margin, regulation time, and other such options are all around the corner, and bettors can utilize the same in the right manner. While these wagers are known to be the most common ones, they are not the only options that are put out by the world of hockey betting. Due to that, punters have a lot to look forward to, and providing them with opportunities makes the process easier. Hence, these points are the main reasons why Canadian hockey betting is widespread, and the reasons why it continues to dominate.

Betting Sites

The Best Hockey Betting Sites In Canada

Hockey requires no introduction, and countries like Canada take pride in playing and promoting the sport. Thanks to its massive popularity, different forms of hockey are widely practiced, and people tend to make the most of it. As a result, betting also comes into the picture, and going ahead to place bets should always be carried forward at the right websites. So to help you out in this regard, we have listed some of the best hockey betting sites in Canada.


LeoVegas is one among the top betting websites widely known to be the best when it comes to sports betting. The different features and options that it promotes make matters exciting, and you will find yourself having the time of your life with bonuses, promotional offers, banking options, customer support, and sports betting markets and odds. But the main highlight of the website is its sportsbook feature since it is something worth exploring for all the right reasons. Hence, if you’re on the lookout for a hockey betting site, then LeoVegas is the right choice.

Spin Sports

Spin Sports

Spin Palace casino’s sports counterpart is another classic option that one can utilize to make the most of their betting routine. As a platform launched in 2017, their options and features are relatively new and even gets updates when the time is right. Signing and going ahead to place bets is quite easy, and you can do so with popular sports leagues such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, etc. Thanks to that, you have a lot more options than hockey, and things are bound to get interesting.


Betway’s incredible gaming service and valuable customer support stand to be the highlight that everyone keeps talking about. The casino, which has been in the market for a long time, does know how to keep you satisfied and carries things forward with ease. People who have had the experience of playing at this casino always talk about the classic features that it has and how effortless it is to place bets and go ahead to have a good time. As a result, Betway is another sports betting website that you need to consider.



Bonus options and other related aspects are widely available, and you can get it all by placing bets with 10BET. The popular betting site is a massive hit in Canada, and Canadians love to explore the different sportsbook features that it stands to provide. In terms of banking options, you are left with a lot to choose from, and the list includes MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Neteller, and so on. Hence, 10BET does have it all, and you can stand a chance to explore them.

NHL Bets

The Different Types of NHL Bets

The National Hockey League or the NHL is a professional hockey league comprising nearly 31 teams. As a significant championship league, the NHL has been going on with different matches and top players in full swing. Thanks to its immense popularity, it eventually came under the banner of betting, and things took place in the right manner. So if you have been considering placing bets on NHL, then the different types of NHL bets are something that you need to know about.

NHL Puck Line Bets

With a set point spread of -1.5 on the favourite and +1.5 on the underdogs, you will have the required set of resources to go forward with the puck line bets. By placing bets on the puck line favourite, you will be placing a bet on the better dollar amount and not on the money line. As a result, bettors can opt to play on the puck line and carry forward the entire set of activists to head in a proper direction. But you should also be sure about who the underdog is and who is expected to win.

Money Line Bets

Money line bets are a few of the most common bets in NHL, and it is essentially a straight-up bet on which team will be the winner. Like every other bet, it also includes underdogs and favourites, which are marked by (-) and (+), respectively. As a result, the bet is relatively easy to understand and process, making it a top choice for newcomers to choose and bet. But going ahead without learning more about this bet will not do you any good. So explore money line bets and then utilize them.

Point Spread

A point spread is a unique bet that offers a bit more than the ordinary. Sportsbooks provide these bets, and it is usually preferred by those who are well aware of the sport and are confident about making it big. They can go about choosing different kinds of point spreads at various books with numbers like 2.5 or 3.5. These bets come in addition to puck line bets and enter the scene with low scores that arise from hockey matches.

Types of NHL Bets

Proposition Wagers

In simple terms, proposition wagers are nothing but wagers that are amounts bet on anything other than the outcome of the game. Yes, that’s right. From player to statistics, you can bet on anything, except the game’s outcome, and that will be considered proposition wagers. Due to the advanced nature of these bets, people don’t often utilize them except for a few who are known to be experts in the arena of hockey betting. Hence, those were the different types of NHL bets that you need to know about.


How to Bet on NHL in Canada

Sports and entertainment have been the category of daily news that amass millions of people to discuss the current conditions. Not all eyes focused on such information would be looking for a session of argument or detailed study. While some readers and viewers watch the games for fun, the others pay attention to each move on the ground. Hockey is one of the top games offering multiple opportunities for people to make money not just through hitting the puck with a stick but by using one’s wits. Betting on all sports has been a popular form of entertainment that generates enormous revenue for the country. Canadians weren’t as interested in betting as the people from other countries were. But the times and tastes have changed, bringing more eyes to the stadium and the sportsbooks. If you have wanted to start your betting career in NHL, here is how you can do it.


1.      Open a Betting Account

This is the most crucial step in setting up your NHL betting career. You need to have an active account that accepts deposits and instant withdrawal requests to start betting. The best site, to begin with, is SportsInteraction, which offers you multiple features by accepting only Canadian bettors. By being an exclusive platform for Canadians, it ensures the best for every user. They can focus more on the aspects every citizen is seeking at the site, either to improve it or to incorporate better features. With such sites in action, you wouldn’t find it hard to have all your needs met.

2.      Deposit

Since almost all sites aim at providing you perfect betting platforms, you don’t need to worry. They cater to all your needs, including the deposit options. It is one of the most crucial elements that must be checked prior to signing up for a site’s service. If they are offering a fairly good service with the handling of funds, you can go ahead and start depositing to place bets. However, you shouldn’t simply skip the most important parts of the policy to jump right into the session. Make sure the site is offering a wide range of deposit options, such as credit/debit cards, other payment cards, and online transactions. Some websites may also be accepting cryptocurrency these days.

3.      Place Your Bet

Once you have set up an account and deposited money for the bets, head to the NHL section to choose the suitable options. Over/under bets, puck line, and money line might be occupying the table prominently as they are offering every bettor with greater odds. In order to select the best bet, you will need to learn about the various options available in the market. Make sure the site you select has all these bets and favorable withdrawal methods so that you don’t end up losing money while betting on NHL.

NHL Betting

3 Tips to Win at NHL Betting

Money is the one factor that keeps the market running in all glory, and the business can remain robust only if there is a constant flow of funds. Sports betting has been around for a long time, and NHL for more than a century. When these two are combined to offer you multiple betting opportunities, the odds must also be checked in order to improve your position in the market. Betting point spreads are the luxury punters have with football and basketball, but not in hockey. You are left only with the moneyline to focus on, and you need to be careful while making every decision so that you get the predictions right.

Since various bets are available, people often get confused with the one that can offer them great odds. It all depends on the progress of the match and the amount you bet on. Although facts about bets can help you gain an advantageous position, you also need other safer steps to success. Let us look at some tips to win at NHL betting.

NHL betting

1.      Go with Live Betting

The game starts changing when the puck drops on the rink. When you are advised to opt for live betting, it doesn’t mean you have to dismiss the other bets. If you notice that the game is going in an unfavorable direction, the best bet to compensate for the losses is live betting. It helps you capitalize on the current conditions of a game. Make sure to change your bets when a particular player fails to meet the expectations and struggles to overcome an injury. Being a fan of the team, these could be emotional moments for you. But it would help if you change your bets accordingly to win money. Pay attention to the one game you have been focusing on, and shift your bets as soon as the live odds change.

Live Betting

2.      Follow the Streaks

One of the most important tips to follow while betting on NHL games is to ride the winning or losing streak to gain a favorable position. It is the confidence in a particular team that drives you to wager on the result. If a certain team took the lead in the initial few minutes, make sure to bet on the players on that side of the rink. In most cases, the streak is likely to continue until the end.

3.      Keep an Eye on the Special Teams

Although you might be familiar with all the teams in the league, they can get aggressive at times. Special teams are a factor that determines the outcome of matches, meaning the impact can differ based on the progress of the game. If a power play is on, the opportunities get converted by around 25%. You must try to bet on the team that is likely to win big in the match; base your decisions on the strength of a team to score during power plays.


Top NHL Betting Sites for Canadians

As the popularity of various sports and betting options are increasing rapidly, more people are keen on learning the theories behind applying tactics to gain a favorable position in the market. Money runs every system, and the same goes for sports too, though every game has an enthusiastic spirit within. Of all the sports, football, soccer, and hockey have managed to become the most prominent ones offering punters diverse gambling opportunities. The game of hockey has pervaded through communities and countries to be accepted all across the globe, and it has invariably been on top of the league. Canada has also started obsessing over NHL and its betting options, so let us look at some of the best betting sites for the citizens of this massive country.

1.      SportsInteraction

It was the first online sportsbook to be regulated and licensed in Canada and has an almost indomitable position in the market. Whenever you plan to bet on the National Hockey League, heading to SportsInteraction would be the right choice since it provides you with great odds, futures, promotions, and live betting options. Unlike many other sports betting sites, Sports Interaction has a traditional touch with a modernized face that most people adore. No betting site will have sufficient value if the odds aren’t competitive. However, you can find a wide range of gaming options and bets with excellent potential profits.


2.      Bodog

One cannot question this site’s authenticity because it has been in the business for quite a long time and has never faltered in its service. The crisp website is loaded with hockey betting lines that work in every NHL game. When it comes to Canadian sportsbooks, Bodog has been one of the leading betting sites with lush offerings. The professional approach combined with amiable treatment renders Bodog the tag of a top player. Customers are always satisfied with Bodog’s promos and odds that they keep going back to the same platform for the next set of bets. You have everything from futures to match betting at Bodog, leaving no margin for error or disappointment.

3.      Bet365

The extensive number of markets on the NHL offered by Bet365 will give you an exceptional range of opportunities to rake in big money. It has all the betting options like Sports Interaction and Bodog, and you can access them with ease, though the site is based in Europe. Canadian customers can make use of all the options and also clear queries with the excellent customer service department. Instant withdrawal and deposit make Bet365 one of the best in terms of handling funds. Massive bonuses and promotions are also offered on the platform, with the greatest reward being the live streaming of all NHL games. Although Bet365 is a terrific site when considering these aspects, the odds offered are not as big as in the other two. However, it is still the third-best option for every Canadian NHL bettor.

NHL Bets

What are the Different Types of NHL Bets?

Various leagues are hosted for sports across the globe, and many of them have attained huge popularity over the years. Soccer, football, and hockey have gained traction like no other sport, both in viewership and revenue. The latter’s major portion can be attributed to the betting options. Since online sportsbooks have been in the market for some time now and are offering the punters great odds, more aspirants are coming in to wager on the outcome of every match.

As more eyes are being drawn to the leagues, the bookmakers are also getting busier by the day. NHL is one of those leagues that maintain a loyal fanbase, and it has been going strong for more than a century. The betting has flourished equally to provide people from all parts of the world with money through predictions and luck. If you plan to foray into NHL betting any time soon, make sure you learn the concepts and details of the market. Here is a short guide on the different types of NHL bets.

NHL Moneylines

Of all the betting options available, the most frequently placed one on the NHL is moneyline. Since the competitiveness of the league is unquestionably tight with all teams exhibiting great talents. So, the moneylines will always be around -120 and -250 for favorites and +100 and +225 for the underdog. With the tie option available, you don’t need to think about the best spot to bet on because it offers excellent odds for moneyline.

NHL Moneylines

NHL Point Spreads

This is the type of bet where a 1.5-goal handicap exists. Point spreads are also known as pucklines in NHL betting, and the digit denotes that the favorite will need to win by 1.5 goals to cover the gap and let you take home the money. When you are confident about the gameplay of the favorite, you can use pucklines to gain a better position in the betting market. If the team wins by multiple goals, you are highly likely to be credited with a big fortune. However, the safer option is always betting on the underdog because they can cover even when they win or lose by a goal, though the returns will be smaller.

NHL Game Totals

The over/under betting lines are the same as totals and are a popular option in the league, providing you with a range between 5.5 goals and 6.5 goals. If the two teams in the match score fewer or more goals than the line, you are betting on totals to win with the outcome.

NHL Game Totals

NHL Prop Betting

This is one of the betting options that add an extra layer of fun to the game. In prop betting, the punters have to wager on the performance of a player or a team. It can be on the number of goals a particular player or team will score or the player likely to emerge as the most successful one with the highest points. Apart from these four bets, the NHL has the futures and live betting options.