What are the Different Types of NHL Bets?

NHL Bets

Various leagues are hosted for sports across the globe, and many of them have attained huge popularity over the years. Soccer, football, and hockey have gained traction like no other sport, both in viewership and revenue. The latter’s major portion can be attributed to the betting options. Since online sportsbooks have been in the market for some time now and are offering the punters great odds, more aspirants are coming in to wager on the outcome of every match.

As more eyes are being drawn to the leagues, the bookmakers are also getting busier by the day. NHL is one of those leagues that maintain a loyal fanbase, and it has been going strong for more than a century. The betting has flourished equally to provide people from all parts of the world with money through predictions and luck. If you plan to foray into NHL betting any time soon, make sure you learn the concepts and details of the market. Here is a short guide on the different types of NHL bets.

NHL Moneylines

Of all the betting options available, the most frequently placed one on the NHL is moneyline. Since the competitiveness of the league is unquestionably tight with all teams exhibiting great talents. So, the moneylines will always be around -120 and -250 for favorites and +100 and +225 for the underdog. With the tie option available, you don’t need to think about the best spot to bet on because it offers excellent odds for moneyline.

NHL Moneylines

NHL Point Spreads

This is the type of bet where a 1.5-goal handicap exists. Point spreads are also known as pucklines in NHL betting, and the digit denotes that the favorite will need to win by 1.5 goals to cover the gap and let you take home the money. When you are confident about the gameplay of the favorite, you can use pucklines to gain a better position in the betting market. If the team wins by multiple goals, you are highly likely to be credited with a big fortune. However, the safer option is always betting on the underdog because they can cover even when they win or lose by a goal, though the returns will be smaller.

NHL Game Totals

The over/under betting lines are the same as totals and are a popular option in the league, providing you with a range between 5.5 goals and 6.5 goals. If the two teams in the match score fewer or more goals than the line, you are betting on totals to win with the outcome.

NHL Game Totals

NHL Prop Betting

This is one of the betting options that add an extra layer of fun to the game. In prop betting, the punters have to wager on the performance of a player or a team. It can be on the number of goals a particular player or team will score or the player likely to emerge as the most successful one with the highest points. Apart from these four bets, the NHL has the futures and live betting options.