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The Central West Senior Hockey League is one of two operating senior hockey leagues in the province.

The League at present has three teams , representing communities from various areas of the province - Grand Falls-Windsor (Cataracts) and Gander (Flyers) and Clarenville (Caribous).(This season the team from Corner Brook - the Royals - has taken a year leave of absence to restructure its operating group, with the intent to return for next season. There were two teams in the League from the Avalon Penisula a number of years ago, but at present the League has no entry from that "far edge" of the province.

The (CWSHL) League takes great pride in the fact that it is a high skilled League with many Newfoundland and Labradorian hockey players who were former professional players in various leagues throughout North America and Europe. The League does provide in its By Laws for a designated number of "Import" hockey players, who are non resident of the province, to play in the League.

Under its Regulations the League also specifies what per diem amount per player each team may spend and a per team amount for each game. The present per game amount is set at $4,500.00, for each team. The League holds its Annual General Meeting each May, and sets policies for an up coming season to ensure all teams are on tract with their financial obligations and revenue sources needed for that season. The annual budget for each team ranges in the area of $200,000.00 to $250,000.00,with a full regular Schedule for the 2016-2017 Season of 20 games and two sets of playoffs. Because the League stretches from its two furthest team entries some 300 kilometres, travel is a big expense in the League. As well, a 'good number'
of the players on all teams live in St.John's - each team's home community supplies only a part of the needed player personnel- the travel reality is a big fact of life for the League's players. Operating the League takes a big personal commitment from all players, and a big financial commitment from all teams.
The league has been fairly stable and successful for some twenty years to date,with the Season 2016-2017 set to start on Saturday October 29th.

The current Executive for 2016-2017 is :
President - Neil Norcott from Clarenville.
Treasurer - Cory Abbott from Gander
Secretary/Communications - Bryan Blackmore from Grand Falls-Windsor.


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