League Draft Application

Draft deadline is midnight December 13/2019 . Draft date is December 16/2019

I request to have my name entered into the League Draft in accordance with the League's Draft Regulations. I understand that I am eligible to be selected by any one of the League's teams. I also understand that if I refuse to sign a player card with the team selecting me I will forfeit my eligibility to play in the League until I am allowed to enter a future draft. To be eligible to enter the draft, you must submit the application below before the posted deadline. All information entered through this form will be used solely by the league.

First Name: 
Last Name: 
Middle Name: 
Present Address: 
Home Phone: 
Work Phone: 
Cell Phone: 
Place of Birth: 
Date of Birth: 
Last Team Played With: 


Player GP G A PTS
Jordan Escott16132538
Brandon Hynes16171431
Danny Wicks16121325
Ryan Desrosiers1614822
Mitchell Oake16101020
Andrew Ryan1651520
Kevin Reid1671219
Keith Delaney1671118
Justin Pender1651318
Rodi Short1341317